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Welcome to the DSO web site! 

We are still watching the weather to decide if tonight's Public Night event will be held or canceled.  While it is nice now, the subtropical depression off our coast is edging in toward us.  All models and forecasts have increasing clouds tonight.  The decision may not be made until late today, maybe as late as 6 pm or so.  Ticket holders should make sure they know the final decision before traveling to DSO. The final decision will be emailed, posted on the DSO web site, and the DSO Facebook page (which also gets relayed as a Tweet).

Appalachian State University's Dark Sky Observatory is the research facility used by faculty and their students to conduct observational research in astrophysics. It is equipped with four telescopes, each used regularly for CCD imaging and photometry, with spectrographic instrumentation also available at the 32-inch. Established in 1981, the observatory is located about 20 miles northeast of Boone at an elevation of a kilometer. Far from major cities, its dark skies provide a good setting for digital imaging and spectroscopy done in stellar and solar system research projects.


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The next DSO Public Night is announced on the home page now.
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