Weather Conditions at the Dark Sky Observatory

appalachian state university dark sky observatory phillips gap weather conditions

The graphic at left gives current weather conditions at our Dark Sky Observatory. These data are updated every 10 minutes. The charts below give weather data for the past several hours. If the time or date are old DSO may be experiencing a network problem.

Solar Radiation (watts/sq m)

Temperature, dew point, past 24 hours

hourly rain past 12 hours

solar radiation watts/sq m past 48 hours

inside and outside relative humidity, past 24 hours

Inside temperature, past 48 hours

wind gust and wind speed past 24 hours

wind direction

18-inch cloud sensor graph

32-inch cloud sensor graph

asu dark sky observatory clear sky chart

We are grateful to neighbor Jack Ewing for his donation of the cost of our new weather equipment. We would also like to thank our colleague Ray Russell for helping Lee Hawkins, DSO Engineer, in installing the system. Ray also uses the data on his community service site,, to provide better weather forecasting and data archiving for our region. Our station is his Phillips Gap Station.